6 Ways To Make Your Customer Loyal

6 Ways To Make Your Customer Loyal

Your business success is depending upon your number of loyal customers and your customer would be loyal to you when they find benefit in doing business with you again. You have to think the mutual beneficial strategies. There are some strategies down below:


It’s an effective strategy to gain customers who cannot afford your product. You can make some strategies which ease the burden of the customer and make it affordable for them. You would also gain more customers in your list whom you cannot include if you do not have any strategies beforehand. For example, Amazon has a scheme called NO COST EMI which allows the buyer to pay the equally divided cost every month for six months. Customers can easily buy expensive things without worrying about paying a high amount at once. They can pay it within six months.

Another example is TATA SKY. They have a scheme TATA SKY DAILY RECHARGE. It’s a good scheme for them who do not watch television every day. It would save their money and you will get the customers who do not recharge monthly because they only watch for some days in a month. They would be attracted to this scheme and obviously would go for your product.


Use social media to promote your product. Keep your content specific, focusing on your product so those who are interested in your product can understand about your service or products clearly. Be active in the comment section and know about the customer’s experience with your product or your customer service.  Thank them for their time and if anyone shares a negative review for your product. First, apologize for the inconvenience and further, ask the details or solve their problem. The feedback would help you to improve and will give you an idea of what customer likes or dislikes in your product. The people would get impressed with you if you would hear their problems or positive experiences. They would appreciate the fact that you care about them. One more positive side of this is that potential customer would have a positive reputation of yours after going through how you do respond to your customers. It’s important to be active on social media as online reviews have a high impact on potential customers. There are many ideas to get success in gaining customers loyalty.

  • USER-GENERATED CONTENT- It is just about creating a campaign which promotes your product and encourages the users to take part in it. You can already inform them that the winner would get some prize and this competition running among users would help in the promotion of your product and moreover, it would be an unpaid advertisement and this strategy is to create a sense of community among the users. You can ask them to share the pictures using your product.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER- You can make a deal with an influencer to promote your product. When they see their favorite celebrity, they have a huge impact on them of the words spoken by the influencer. And the people who are not familiar with your product, they would also know. You will have a large audience for your advertisements, campaigns, etc.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES– You can include Behind-The-Scenes in your promotion. It gives them a sense of reality and it sets up a relationship for them with you. you can include the comic scenes or whatever you have recorded. For example, you sell beauty products. You can record all the scenes while the model or actor is using your product. You can use Snapchat to do the same for giving updates of the moments.


Continue the relation with your customers after selling the products to them. Train your employees well enough to show empathy to the customers when they come taking up their problems and solve them with patience. Often, Old people can sometimes be so annoying as they are not much into technology and it might frustrate you sometimes, so you have to hold your anger to serve them right understanding the situation. And when customers purchase a product from you, tell them how to use your product and other things which are important before using the product.

The important thing is to provide contact details on your website and don’t stick them into the loop of e-mails and messages. It’s better to do a real conversation. it can clear all their doubts. On the call, greet them first and while ending up the call, thank them for their time. And while meeting in real, greet them with a smile. They would appreciate your sweet gesture. People would choose the interactive and sweet shopkeepers over rude or ungrateful shopkeepers. You can also help them in choosing the right product (Be Authentic!) for them when they seem confused.  

For expensive things, they look for some assurance so you can give a warranty over your products for months or a year.


After purchasing regularly from your company, you can offer your customers some discounts. You can surprise them with gifts. These things would encourage them to be loyal to you. These things would establish a good relationship between you and your customers. You can send them an e-mail about the new product and tell them how it’s going to be beneficial for them. You should conduct a good research on your customers to know what they look for and want in their products. For example, if a customer comes to your shop regularly, you get an idea about their needs. When some product is out of stock and the next day when a customer comes to your shop, you can present it before they ask you. it makes the relation between shopkeeper and customer kind of personal.


Add Frequently Asked Questions, videos or images which helps your customer to know about your products in detail. If you sell beauty products then you can talk about ‘this’ number of glasses, a person must drink and how they are beneficial for their beauty and health. If you sell electronic devices, so you can add the texts or videos. for instance, how to get backup of deleted files, etc on website. You can also add other details on the products. You can give the right instructions on how to use the product. They would find it reliable.


Speak the things which you can fulfill in the future. if you promise a customer that you provide good service in order to lure them for buying your product and later, you do not follow your words. It makes them feel cheated and you would lose these customers. They would promote you in a negative light too. It’s better to choose your words wisely. And when you promise your customer that the service would be provided within 3-4 days, but you provide them within 1 or 2 days. They would be really happy with your service and would like to buy your products in the future. They would suggest you to other potential customers.

You have to be loyal, for making them loyal towards you. Provide good service to impress them, so they do business with you in the future. Keep updating your regular customer about new product and the past purchases of the customers give you the idea what type of products they purchase or would like to do. You can have an idea about their needs so you can send them some suggestions, etc. Ask them to share their experience or give feedback about your product or service. Many organizations ask the customer to give feedback on the employees who deliver the product or attend your call and solve your issues. In this way, you can improve and the customer would also appreciate your loyal efforts.

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