7 Tips To Enhance Your Brand Awareness

7 Tips To Enhance Your Brand Awareness

What is the importance of brand awareness?

Well, if you want a loyal customer base that allows you to succeed and thrive in whatever industry you are part of then you need good brand awareness. Now, it is possible that you might already have brand awareness but there is always the scope for enhancement. This article will discuss a few good ways to enhance your brand awareness. Let’s get to it.


Now, before we get into a discussion on what ways to adapt to enhance your brand awareness, you need to be aware of one basic thing. Target a particular audience. Instead of just brute forcing and advertising everywhere conceivably possible, which would be a waste of resources, have a target audience to provide your content to. Focus on that audience. This way you can focus all efforts on a particular customer base and provide content suitable for them. This strategy would allow you to formulate content suitable for that particular audience instead of providing some generic one size fits all content, which might be dull and very ineffective.

Having a particular target audience would also allow you to come up with effective strategies for enhancing your brand awareness. This method would also allow you to test your content with the customer base and improving it wherever necessary.  You could run a test which is known as the A/B Split Test. In this test, you split your customer base into two and provide each of these split portions a variant of the same content. Based on the feedback of the two split portions you will be able to determine what type of content attracts and engages the customer more allowing you to create content to effectively boost your brand awareness.


As we all are aware, today social media platforms have grown into goliaths with large global customer bases. Therefore, it has become increasingly important that brands focus on these platforms to enhance brand awareness. These platforms are in fact a boon to brands as getting the word out there about your brand has never been easier. On a single platform like Facebook or Twitter, you can connect to millions and billions of people around the world.

Facebook is an amazing way to get the word out there. It allows you to share pictures and stories with potential customers and build an online community of your own. This way is making a community of loyal customers online. You can share pictures of your products being used in the real world and have customer testimonials uploaded. This is a tried and true method that has been used for some time now. By looking at the testimonials with the pictures of your products being used by actual customers you would be giving your customer a sense of assurance about your product and allowing them to vicariously experience what your brand is about.

Instagram is an already huge and growing platform where you can find your customer base and specifically target them. What is the point of wasting time and effort into non-prospects? Instead, you can find the demographic that you are targeting and get them involved. You can directly give them a glimpse of your brand and what it means, all the while enhancing your brand awareness.

Twitter is another interesting social media platform that has been used for some time by brands now. It allows you to keep in touch with your existing customers and spread the news about your brand online. An interesting example of the effective use of Twitter would how Wendy’s uses Twitter. They basically use it to spread the news and make sassy comebacks when competitors and other people call them out. These tweets are lauded by people around the world and keep the brand’s name on top of people’s minds.

Now, the issue arises when you are aware of this but your social media is more reactive than proactive. If you wait for the customers to reach out to you, find you first then you are going to be limiting yourself to your existing customer base. If you really want to enhance your brand awareness and get the word out, you need to find ways to attract people looking for your product or similar products but who are not aware of your existence. This is where being proactive on social media comes in, you need to go out scavenging, you can run referral programs that target people searching for your product, targeted advertising is a great way to get your visuals in front of the right audience and using social media influencers is another popular method that is used.

3. Using Influencers

Now that we have discussed social media and its uses for brand awareness, it is imperative to talk about influencers. What are influencers? Well, basically influencers are people with a large following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook who have come to demand a certain amount of respect due to their expertise in a particular niche. Influencer marketing is a very commonly used method and its prevalence is proof of its effectiveness.

The major way influencers would benefit you is by providing quality content to their followers while promoting or solely for the purpose of promoting your product. Influencers can be found on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They help enhance brand awareness in a major way as they already have a large following consisting of your target audience. For example, sportspersons, celebrities, professional bodybuilders, weightlifters, free runners, etc. are used to promote products and brands related to these industries like a supplementation brand or a shoe brand, etc.

Since influencers are regarded with great respect and many people would take their word for the brands they promote it provides great opportunity to get word of mouth out to thousands and even millions. Influencers also know how to connect to the target audience as that is primarily what they do, so, they know how to engage their audience and promote something among them. This makes influencers an essential asset to any marketing strategy with respect to online platforms and is definitely a good way to enhance your brand awareness.

4. Use of Search Engine Optimized Content

You might be able to provide good quality content for your brand but it still might not become a very successful strategy for enhancing brand awareness. Why? You ask. The simple answer is that search engines like Google match keywords typed in by the users and provide the links with the highest keyword density on the top. This basically means that if your competitor has optimized their content for search engines their website shows up first. This obviously hampers your interests.

Most people, they don’t go beyond the first page of results that show up on Google and some don’t even go beyond the first few links. You yourself are probably guilty of that. This is why it is that much more important to optimize your content. Because even if you do have good content that you’ve uploaded what is the point if it doesn’t get views and helps raise awareness.

Search Engine Optimization is in fact so important that an entire industry of SEO writing has come up. You could always just choose to outsource the job to an agency made for that purpose which would have the benefit of providing good quality content which has been optimized by a writer proficient in SEO.


Paid ads being a good way to enhance brand awareness might be an obvious solution to everyone. But, even paid ads aren’t going to effective if they don’t reach the right audience. Instead of enhancing brand awareness you would just be causing a nuisance. The answer to this problem is Google AdSense auto ads. What this service does is it shows marketers the best websites to place and optimize their ads on so that it reaches the right audience and is actually useful to the brand rather than just a drain on its resources. This is definitely a really good way to advertise and should be looked into by anyone wanting to enhance brand awareness.


What are retargeted ads? These are basically advertisements that allow brands to automatically send targeted advertisements to people who have visited their website or shown interest in their product or similar products. This is very much what companies like Amazon do. This way you show only people you know have a genuine interest or at least people who have shown that they have an interest at one point of time what you have to offer. Obviously, this is another excellent way to enhance your brand awareness.


Now, this might not exactly be the best way but it might just be an effective way to enhance brand awareness. Instead of packaging your products in plain looking materials use branded packaging to do it. This provides the customers with a more visual presence of your brand and keeps you in their mind.  Branded packaging could also make the package seem more significant based on the design and make receiving such a package, more of a joy to the customer. In a world obsessed with aesthetics it really can’t be that useless to make your packaging look good.


The above-mentioned methods of enhancing your brand awareness are a sure shot way to help you out in your efforts to be recognized in this vast world. These methods will help you connect to customers in a more engaging way leading to better brand recognition.

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