How To Boost Your Site’s Credibility

How To Boost Your Site's Credibility


Let’s talk about something that is very important for business websites but people don’t pay much attention to. If you guessed website credibility then you would probably be one of the few who guessed right. Website credibility is an understated idea that people tend to ignore because they think that the way to get better conversions is to focus on design and maintenance. Well, they aren’t wrong but coupled with website credibility these factors would allow you to increase conversion substantially. A research conducted has shown that 34% of people say that a stores reputable brand name is the reason they shop from that particular brand. A general correlation between brand credibility and consumers decision to shop from that brand has been shown. As such it is very important for you to focus on your website’s credibility as it will allow you to attract more people than you already attract to your website. Now, let’s discuss some ways to boost your website’s credibility.


Before we get into why you should enable your website for the use of SSL there is a question that needs to be answered. What is SSL? Well, in simple words SSL is the standard security technology that is used to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Enabling SSL on your website shows the customers that they can trust your website and shows them that they can perform secure transactions on your website. In today’s world where you keep hearing about fraud and scams committed online, you can never really be very safe. But, enabling SSL on your website is one step in the right direction to show your potential customers that they are safe on your site and they need not worry about their credit card details being stolen or any such untoward things happening.

Showing that HTTPS in front of your web address might look like an insignificant thing but it really boosts your website’s credibility making potential customers trust you more. This in turn obviously would result in an increase in conversion rates. This small step, in fact, has been shown to boost conversion by as much as 87%. Take the example of PaperCheck, their website experienced an 87% increase in signups after just enabling SSL on their website. So, show your customers that HTTPS and the little green lock in the address bar. It will pay off.


What sends new customers your way in the quickest manner? What is the most effective way to attract them? The simple answer is word of mouth. If someone hears from a friend or someone who shops online that they should go to your website then they will do it. It’s the tried and tested method that has worked for a long time. This is the entire premise on which influencers on social media work.

It has been shown that testimonials and word of mouth recommendations influence up to 50% of all purchasing decisions. This is a huge percentage of your customers and potential customers. You do not want to be losing out on them. The whole concept of word of mouth is very deeply ingrained in humans. In fact, psychological studies have been conducted to study this phenomenon. The area of our brain that is connected to rewards becomes more active when other people agree with our opinions. Asch’s 1955 conformity experiments have shown that even a certain person holds a particular view of something hearing a group hold the opposite view makes them gravitate towards the group’s view. This is exactly how testimonials work. Showing potential customers on your website that your existing customers are happy and pleased with your products and have reviewed them well makes them want to trust you. This boosts your website’s credibility and allows you to enlarge your customer base.

The use of testimonials is a very effective way to boost the credibility of your website and you definitely should follow this method if you are interested in doing so.


There exist very few businesses that use a security trust seal on their website and the result is all businesses not using these seals lose out on a lot of customers. Research has shown that 48% of people will not completely trust a website unless it has a security trust seal displayed.

What is a security trust seal? You may ask.

A security trust seal is an accreditation given by companies like Norton and McAfee that indicates that your website follows standard set criteria and is safe for use. It shows people that your website has been vetted by a third party security company and that transactions can safely be performed on your website. Most people, in fact, prefer a website that has a security trust seal over websites that are recommended by friends.


Professionalism is a very attractive trait when it comes to businesses and as such keeping the look of your website professional can work out in your favor really well. An outdated or poorly executed design job on your website can be very bad for your credibility. A clean, smart and user-friendly design works really well and helps boost your website’s credibility.

You also need to incorporate an easy method of contact. This is shown to be effective in boosting website credibility. The easier it is to contact you through your website the more trust people will place on your website and hence credibility gets boosted quite a lot. These tips about the design of your website will really help you boost your site’s credibility and need to be kept in mind.


This might seem completely unrelated to a website’s credibility but it is a major factor. Since your basic objective is to get customers to come to your website and keep them coming back it is important to give them a good experience. The attention span of people has drastically reduced in this era of the internet. Research shows that the attention span of an average human today might just be 8 seconds which is less than that of a goldfish. This puts a lot of pressure to hold your customers’ attention and the best way to do this is to provide them with better speeds on your website. It’s time to quote some statistics to make you understand just how important fast loading speeds on your website is for its credibility.

  • A one second delay in your websites load time can lead to a 7% loss in conversion.
  • 51% of shoppers abandon a purchase due to slow loading speed.\
  • 88% of people are unlikely to return to a website after a bad experience.
  • More than a third of the shoppers are likely to tell their friends about their bad experience.

As we have already mentioned that word of mouth is a very effective method of improving your website’s credibility, it is also equally destructive. There, in fact, is such a thing as bad publicity and you want to avoid it at all costs. Just taking the time to tweak out your website to improve loading speed or changing your web host can help boost your website’s credibility substantially. It is that simple and definitely going to prove worth the effort.


The basic idea is that an endorsement from an authority figure can really boost your credibility. Scientific studies like The Milgram Experiment have shown that people are willing to anything if the instructions come from someone they view as an authority figure. In this experiment, people were asked to administer electric shocks to other people like them on the instruction of an authority figure. It was noted that even when people stopped responding to the shocks pointing to them being unconscious or dead, 65% of people continued to administer the shocks on the instruction of the authority figure.

A more modern example of this would the endorsements made by Oprah. Anything she even remotely endorses instantly gains credibility and its stock skyrockets. This clearly shows that when you get endorsements from such people who are looked at as authority figures then your credibility will boost and this improves your website’s conversion. This is the easiest way to boost the credibility of your website as it does not require a lot of technical work on your part.


All the methods mentioned above are the best ways for you to boost your websites credibility and applying all of them in tandem would lead to the best results. I hope you do look into these methods on your own and they prove helpful to you.

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