How To Improve Your UI Design

How To Improve Your UI Design

What is user interface?

In particular, the user interface can be defined as the use of input devices and software through which the user interacts with the computer system. It also acts as a medium through which the user can search for his requirements and can serve his or other users through the interface.

Why do we need to improve the user interface ?

The primary goal of any business is quite obvious that is to increase its sales and production which would eventually lead to the growth of the business. UX/UI design plays an important role in achieving this goal. The design helps to win the confidence of the consumers and makes them use your website or application more as you provide them the exact content that is required by them. Hence if you try to develop an interface that suits exactly to their needs you would not only gain the loyalty and trust of the customer but your consumer base will also improve through the word of trust.

What are the various ways of improving User Interface?

Now that we know that a good user interface helps in building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the consumers. How should we really go about it?

Listed below are a few tips that one should definitely keep in mind while designing a user interface :


As the common saying goes ” nothing is more attractive than simplicity”. The interface should always be simple and user-friendly so that the user does not have a problem in navigating the content he is looking for in an application or website. If the user finds the content easily accessible and easy to understand it will not only save the time of the user but it would also increase the business as well.


By using common elements in your UI, users feel more comfortable and are able to get things done more quickly and efficiently as it is something that they are already aware of and they don’t need to learn of any new techniques in order to browse the information.  It is also important to create patterns in language, layout, and design throughout the site to help the user. Once a user learns how to do something, they should be able to transfer that skill to others so that the user base increases rapidly through this process.


One should always be aware about the goal or purpose with which an user is going to surf the application or website hence one could be aware beforehand only about the problems the user is going to face while doing so hence it would be really helpful if you could find the problem areas where the user might get stuck and work on those areas efficiently so that it could all become a lot easier for the user.


Mostly what happens is the user faces a lot of problems when the website or application crashes due to some reason hence it would be really useful in case the system beforehand could communicate with the user about the technical glitches or any amount of repair work going on in the website that  way it will not only maintain the credibility of the website but also reduce the frustration levels of the user. Moreover, a beforehand check on the glitches could also provide an ample amount of time to rectify the glitch and provide the user with a hassle-free experience.


The user should always have as much option as possible in terms of the style and size of fonts available. The text should be clear and really helpful to the user viewing the site for the first time. An effort should also be made that the content is clear and there should not be any kind of miscommunication to the user. As per the above paragraphs, every information should be clear and simple the more you stay away from the complexities the better it is.


One can use various types of designs colors and texture to attract a user’s attention towards the content. Moreover design and colors to add to the content a lot more and they also reduce a monotonous approach in the content that might easily bore the user and through different texture and colors one could easily mention the things that could be important information to the user, for example, deep colors such as red and blue they attract the user’s attention almost instantly.


As rightly said a good purpose and good content can always do wonders. More than anything else the idea of the content published on the website should be crystal clear it should be good enough to divert the attention of the user almost instantly. It should be clear and to the point and should be easily able to derive the idea from the content.


 Whenever you have an option between observing your customers or your competition always choose the former option as that way you will be really able to know the thinking process of the user and what the user really wants to know and design your website or application accordingly as once you know the need of the market the product you would create will have a goal attached to it as a definite benchmark will be attached to it.

Note: Also if you can observe your customer and competition both at the same time then you can always seal the deal anytime !!


The main idea of the content should be easily visible to the user. The user should not find it difficult to really search for the main idea of the content. The idea of the content should be visible to the user as early as possible The main aim should be to always to make the work as easy as possible for the user.


No matter how clear your design is, people will always make mistakes. Your UI should allow the user to rectify an error if made as easily as possible. Also, if the user does cause an error, use your messaging as a teachable situation by showing what action was wrong, and ensure that the user knows how to prevent the error from occurring again.


Once the user is well versed with the system inputs the training wheels should be removed as doing the simple steps again and again can be very cumbersome for the user, The user should be provided with shortcut keys to use the application so that the user could complete his work as soon as possible.


The following things mentioned in the above points will not only improve the user base but it will also improve the credibility of the website among the existing user and a lot more users to come as the user will, again and again, return to the website to do their work more efficiently. The user interface should be simple and clear and at the same time be interactive and well designed with the use of various colors and texture and it should be really easy to crack and be kept on improving on a regular basis and the content if taken proper care of will do the rest of that work easily.

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