How To Increase Conversion Rate At A Faster Pace

How To Increase Conversion Rate At A Faster Pace

Visitor transforms into the customers. Good news! But only the right changes bring transformation. You need to impress them at once while they visit your website and there are following ways to change the visitors into the customers.


With minimum words, you can make prospects to buy your products or subscribe to your website. You have to make these words impactful, so they leave a great impression on them. Use these words in creating a sense of urgency for instance “Buy Now” or adding the lines “Offer Ends Midnight” and also, keeping the countdown on the website for telling them how much time they have for “stealing the deals” or save some money for their pockets. Like, Ajio uses “UNREAL DEAL ENDS MIDNIGHT”, it would definitely create a sense of urgency in the customers to take a further step to do business with them.

And the Active verbs would incite the customers and moreover, it would make them ensure after clicking the buttons like “Get”, “Buy Now” what would they get. It would be specific and on-point.

Yet, the button not only plays the role to get you the customers. Keeping the things straight for which prospects care about like quality, money, etc. Mentioning the things before, which clears the doubt of prospects to make them take further action. In the book COPY HACKERS, Joanna Wiebe introduces the term “click triggers”, “which are essentially the extra boosts you put around a button to convince more people to click it.”

Make sure using the words on buttons must specify the required things, the customer wants to know. Like Netflix do. You have to make sure that a prospect does not leave your website only because he is confused and also spending a lot of time for finding a thing, which can be solved only with some words on the button or some enticing lines. So, deal cleverly!

And also use high-contrast colour for button because the button must be attractive so people click over the button. The button should garner the attention of the prospect customers.


To build customers for your product, you need to offer them something, especially when you are new in the competitive world. With the option of a discount or offer, they would try to take a risk when they try you first. Like zomato offer 50% off for the five orders and Scribd gives you the option “Start Your Free 30 Days”. They would like to try you on less risk of the money. Again enticing lines would go perfectly with the offer. Show them they are in benefit by making a deal with you. The deal would be a great one for them as it saves money for them. For example, show them how much they save money with this particular deal.

You can also provide them coupons, it excites them, for they are provided coupon which again eases the burden for them. They might consider the coupon as additional relief. This opportunity for the prospects is also an opportunity for you to convert them into your customer.


Keep your website specific, clean and not-so-confusing. Every button, text or images should guide them right to the desired destination. Keep different sections for different things. Don’t mix everything on one page. Like, women’s and men’s clothing and accessories are put separately. There must not be overloaded on a page. You can design your website where every button leads to another page for different products but make sure you don’t overload your page with many buttons. Keep your first page so enticing with appealing images and texts and people can understand clearly what you offer and how much they benefit by doing business with you. your homepage might be the first impression on them of you, so design carefully and cleverly.

4. Customer Space

Make space for customers to share their experience and review. After reading the customer’s opinions, Prospects would consider their decision about buying your products. You can also share your success stories and also, let your customer share how your product or subscription to your website was helpful to them so they can have an idea about your product or your website. You should also look after the negative reviews so you can win over the trust of your prospects that You Care About Your Customers and you will serve them even after doing business. They will trust that if they find any problem with the products after buying, you will help them. Before doing business with you, they would be interested to know that what you say, you do follow or not, so your most promising product policies must be true. You should do AUTHENTIC MARKETING.  

5. Value-Proposition

It shows what you got best and why they should do business with you by leaving behind all others (your competitors). For example, ‘A’ pizza company is banned for it was using some unhealthy product in preparing the pizza for the customers and this news makes customers losing the trust over that pizza company and on the same time, you start advertising your pizza, especially flaunting the rewards you have got for food safety. It would drive their customers to your way. Here, you do not have to directly take the name of ‘A’ pizza company but you have to take this situation for granted  ( But Authentic!).

There are many ways to show them why they have benefits in doing business with you. Like, great offers, time-saving, great service make a lot of difference.


Provide the details what customers deserve to know. You can write for them for telling them your ‘A’ product suits this skin tone and ‘B’ product suits another skin tone, following this you can also add a blog for ‘how to find your skin tone?’. This way you can help your prospects in finding what suits them best. They won’t be confused over petty things and, so you must be aware of these petty things to not lose your potential customers. So, a little bit of research would be helpful.


Sometimes, a new product in the market does not get celebrated much by the customers if they do not know how to use that. This makes necessary for you to make them aware of how to use it. Add videos, text or images to show the procedure of how to use your product. Something different does not always take time for making a place. Right strategy would make a place for the product at a good pace.


It’s the obvious thing when people do know about your product then only they can consider doing business with you. Everywhere, you can’t aware of people with the website. For example, At some places where women are not allowed to ask, share or discuss about her menstruation with the males, and she wants to find the best product for her periods and your product do exist but the communication gap between male shopkeeper and women would keep your product away because she won’t be able to know about the product according to her needs. That place would be unaware of your best product. It’s now your responsibility to find the mediums to reach the awareness around them, in this case, you can do campaigns, discussions, etc. you might consider it a social service.


This funnel is divided into five stages- Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy. The funnel gets broad to narrow while coming down from first to last. The first step AWARENESS is to aware the people about your products through various channels. Be active on social media and on your websites. Keep updating about your products or brand. After they will know you exist, then they can search for the product they want. Then comes, CONSIDERATION, they will look for the reviews, and they will compare you with your competitors. They will compare the products to know which product will be beneficial to them. Further, they will consider that they would like to do business with you or not. Next step is CONVERSION, if they like to do business with you, they would be transformed into your customer. They will purchase the product from you. Further comes LOYALTY, people will be interested in buying the products from your company and for keeping them loyal to your products, keep them updated and give them offers or discounts and give them a good service. And the last one is ADVOCACY, in the last step, people refer to your company to someone and you can ask them to give feedback for your products. With this funnel, you can get an idea where you lose the customers, so keep a track.

You need to make strategies and tricks to converting visitors into customers. Creating CALL-TO-ACTION so enticing which makes them click the button. You can remind them it’s limited or offers gonna end within a few hours. You can make a time-sensitive strategy. Words also play big, so make some changes like ‘Your’ to ‘My’, Convert in the first person. Give them a discount or offers. Keep a track on them, when they have just left the products in the cart. Send them the text to remind them that these products are going to be out of stock which are in their cart or they have won some coupons so they won’t have to pay for delivery. Make them count the benefits by doing business with you.

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