How To Recover From Negative SEO Attack

How To Recover From Negative SEO Attack
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Hola Humans,

As you know past two years in the SEO industry have been supremely important in order to ensure the evil eyes of Black Hats don’t spoil your ranking in the digital world.

For making your brand safe and stable in the long run this is something you absolutely shouldn’t ignore.

Negative SEO refers to the use of unethical techniques to degrade a competitor’s rankings in search engines. It can be said as an updated and easy version of BLACK HAT.

With time and technology changing at the speed of light the Negative SEO users have become more powerful and sophisticated.  And it is a high probability that the attack on you was dangerous, hence your recovery from it should make sure that you no longer be afraid of any such thing!

And if you still think whether Black Hat is a myth then, unfortunately, we have got it for real. If you don’t know then let me tell you this that negative SEO is of two types: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Negative Off-Page SEO:  This type of attack occurs without internally changing your website. In this, many links are directed towards your website by building LinkFarms. Since manually increasing the number of links to your website can alert Google to get you penalized. And in Negative SEO Attack, the vengeful owners create obvious Link Farms and heavily link to the target website.

Negative On-Page SEO: This type of attack actually focuses on unethical hacking to change your website internally. Introduction of computer viruses is done to weaken your website and corrupt it. Changing the robot.txt to disallow:// is also done in this type of attacks. The penalty is not for the sites that automatically redirect from bad pages but if by any means your redirects are changed, or disabled or corrupted then your rank and ratings will scroll down like anything.

And if you were a victim of any such type of Negative SEO Attack then here are eight most important tricks and tactics to make sure that you perform in order to recuperate the effects of negative SEO on your site!


Backlinks refer to the incoming links on your webpage.

It increases your reputation in the digital market and also has a major role in increasing the SEO ranking of your website.

The ‘Quality’ of backlinks you get should be more cardinal than the ‘Quantity’ you get.

Black Hats perform negative SEO on your website by guiding to wrong backlinks and deleting the quality backlinks you have.

‘Google Search Console’ can be used as a beginner guide for finding out who links to your website, as it comes for free and is comparatively easy to use.

Now once you have a track of all your backlinks then, “Deleting spammy backlinks and monitoring good backlinks can help in your faster recovery from Negative SEO attack!”


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Since it is easy for the predators to dupe you again so you need to follow certain steps that can prevent your site from being a prey again and also recover your loss.

Log in to your account and immediately click on Gear icon followed by ‘Search console preferences’ to set-up the E-mail notifications and get alerted on all issues that can be critical for your website’s health.

You’ll be notified each time if any malware attack takes place or the pages are not indexed or any other such complication emerges.


You can be totally unaware of the fact that Negative SEO has happened to you!

Imagine having a fake profile of your company on a social media platform, bringing ill-fame to your name and to add the cherry on top they’ve got more followers than you!  Wouldn’t that leach an immediate adrenaline rush to F**k them off?

Hence you should maintain a habit of keeping a check on social media mentions using different available tools like ‘’Social Mentions, “Brand 24”, “” can find out who uses your brand name. Now remove the profile as soon as it is possible and you can get back on your business as before!


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Site speed reflects how immediately a website responds to web requests. Pure page performance can increase the exit rates and further decreasing the conversion rates.

And if your website loads slowly then it’s necessary to ensure that your server doesn’t go down by the accumulation of many requests at a time.

This can be monitored by sites like “” which alerts you through email as soon as your server goes down.

A tool developed by ‘Google Labs’ called as “Page Speed Online” can be used as an alternative to determining whether your page is loading too slowly and if that happens then it can suggest options for improving the page load performance.

Hence, increasing the Conversion Rates and reducing the Exit rate of the site can help you recover from a Negative SEO attack!



Your ranking will drastically fall if your content appears more than once in any other place (Duplicate Content). This leads to traffic loss from your site but highly populated traffic on the other side.

Having the same content many times can make it difficult for search engines to decide which piece is the original and more relevant. Although it is highly unlikely to happen if it does then you need to make sure that you remove the scraped content from spamming sites.

All the duplicate pages present on the internet can be found using “” and you can immediately scrape your content off from the spamming sites.


Link Farm is any group of websites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. Some blog owners or website owners create multiple sites so as to link to each other and to other websites.  If you have been targeted by negative SEO then keeping an eye on your link profile every day can help you find out the link you’re jumped into. If the website seems spammy you can deny the links from Google, Bing or any other search engine. You are now safe from the penalty!


Google have a thing for top websites.  How would you recover your initial position in the digital market or beat your competitors even more than before?

Well! This is very easy. Since Google monitors various aspects like the percentage of times you appear in search and don’t get clicked, or if some other site is getting clicked from your page or not, to determine if you could be the ‘Apple of the Eyes’ of Google and if it happens to be true then you’re living a king size life already because soon your company is getting on the top of the most used search engine!

To further protect this dream of being a boss in the market you can stop sending bad impression to the Google and this can be achieved by monitoring your bounce rate in ’ Google Analytics’. Also keep checking the Click-Through Rates on organic listings in Search Console. If you feel suspicious in here then provide Google with every detail of the report.  Make sure you don’t fall into the trap again!

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Haven’t you heard the famous quote “We should forgive our enemies but not before they’re hanged! People do take revenge.

A story from Google Forums I saw the later day tells how a SEO Company can improve your rank but can also disable you from every search results of various search engines including Google, once you piss them off! And they took their revenge.

So there was this guy who hired a SEO Company to improve his ranking and basically needed a helping hand for WordPress and things like duplicate content. But after some time he found that the company only improved his rankings and did nothing with WordPress things. He sued the company for the same but instead got removed from every search engine possible and even from all the social networking sites. He found that in his FTP all his robots.txt files were changed to Disallow:// by the company CEO.

This is probably the worst thing ever happened to a person who turned to someone for help.  He was stabbed on the back!

Save yourself from being a victim of such fiendish behavior.

Try to locate your rankings yourself even after hiring a SEO. Check your performance and incoming traffic to your website. If you’re taking aid from a SEO Company even after the being a victim of Black Hat you shouldn’t ignore this tip.

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With this hope that these strategies might help you to recover from Negative SEO and further help you take preventive measures as “Prevention is always better than Cure”, I sign off!

Wish you a speedy recovery!

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