Importance of Regular Website Maintenance

Importance of Regular Website Maintenance


Let’s talk about something that is very important when it comes to business websites, Regular website maintenance. Maintaining a website regularly is very important because it plays a major role in your website’s conversion. In this article, we will discuss the importance of regular website maintenance and tell you exactly why you should follow a regular maintenance routine.


What is the most important part of having a business that connects to people through its website? Attracting new customers and keeping the old ones interested. Regularly maintaining your website is important to keep your customers interested while attracting new customers. Through regular maintenance you can update your content, adding fresh content and check whether the customer contact points are functioning properly. It is imperative to keep your content fresh as your customers being human beings will get bored of the same old content. Let’s take the example of news. If you keep printing the same news over and over again do you think that people would be interested in buying your paper? The answer is obviously no. in the exact same way if you don’t add fresh content and keeps exposing your customers to the same old, tired content then they will stop coming your way. They will move onto the better-maintained sites making you lose out on traffic and giving your competitor the win.

Regular website maintenance also allows you to keep checking if your contact forms are in proper working condition and allow you to make improvements wherever necessary. You can also keep updating your phone number listings, which is going to be very important for your business. Speaking of updating, you also need to keep your customer apprised on the new services and products that you have to offer and the corresponding price lists and regular website maintenance will allow you to take care of all this. It has probably already become apparent why it is important to regularly maintain your website.

Having a poorly maintained website also leads to some of the features becoming unusable and the links becoming broken. This obviously hampers the experience your customers are going to have on your website causing them to flock to the better options. With each website update, there are improved functionalities and the more regular you are with implementing these updates the easier it is for this functionalities to be used by the customers. In this way regular website maintenance allows you to improve customer satisfaction. Updating regularly is even more important for websites that are used to sell products online as a technical glitch causing the website to malfunction is something that these businesses cannot afford.


Search engine rankings are basically how your website is ranked among the results of a web search. If you have a badly maintained website that is outdated then your ranking is going to be low and at the same time if your competitor has a better-maintained website they will be ranked higher. This will make your website show as a result lower than your competitor’s website. This will lead to a loss of traffic and customers. Popular search engines like Google use this method of ranking websites based on their last date of an update to show results and considering how Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, the importance of regular website maintenance does become obvious. The higher better your search engine ranking the better conversions you will have and that is obviously in your best interest.

Search engines love it when you provide them with fresh content to index. The more updated and relevant your content is the better your ranking is going to be and this is obviously essential. As a business, you cannot afford to be losing customers because your website is not shown as one of the top results. People have a tendency of limiting themselves to the top few results and most do not go past the first page of results as such to be successful and ensure a good conversion rate you need to make sure your website is regularly maintained and updated and fresh content is added.


Your website is how the world views you. It is your corporate image and having a poorly functioning website that has broken links, missing functionalities and outdated content puts out a bad image of you which would inevitably cause the business to decline. Having a customer point out the issues with your website whether it be problems with your content or broken links would be embarrassing and something to be avoided. The best way to do so is through regular website maintenance. Despite all the warning about how you should not judge a book by its cover, most people do just that. They judge everything based on its image. In such a world having a sloppy corporate image does not bode well for you. So, regular website maintenance is of utmost importance.


Websites have built-in security protocols and modules that need to be updated from time to time. Failure to do so can result in your website becoming an easy target to a hacker. Older, poorly maintained sites are easier to hack into as their security protocols and modules are out of date. There is a reason for the update in modules and security protocols and if they are not updated they do run a high risk of becoming ineffective. Obviously having your website hacked and having it spammed or used for Bitcoin mining, drive-by downloads, Blackhat SEO spam campaigns is not a desirable outcome. This is where the importance of regular website maintenance comes in.


Regular website maintenance is also important because the longer you wait to update your website the more effort you will have to put into finally updating it. First of all not updating for a long time does cause loss of certain functionality and the longer you wait the higher the risk of more problems arising. Also, you are going to be forced into updating your website one day or another and the longer you wait the harder it is going to be to implement the updates and the longer the whole process is going to take due to the greater number of updates and module changes that need to be applied. Regular website maintenance allows you to save on time and money and get the best functionality at that point in time.


As we have mentioned earlier you need to keep your customers interested. Each new update provides you with some performance improvements that need to be applied. Having a poorly maintained website slows down the loading speeds of your website. This means that you will end up making your customers wait for the website to load and considering how low the attention span of most people on the internet is you will drive away traffic. Loading speeds also have an effect on Search Engine Optimization which means that slower lading speeds push your website link further down in the results. This would be like shooting yourself in the foot. To avoid this you need to regularly maintain your website.


We have mentioned above a few of the reason why regular website maintenance is so important.  All these reasons have a direct impact on businesses and should be taken care of appropriately.


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