Secrets To Ace Online Reputation Management

Secrets To Ace Online Reputation Management

Awaking the customer’s trust for your product, depending upon your online reputation. So, the goal is to find the secrets to create a positive reputation and remove negative reputation. The secrets are to be discovered while assessing the online reputation management of successful businesses. There are some suggestions listed below.


The aim of these ads is to pass the inspiration in customers. For example, Adidas created ads presenting the sportswomen playing the games, giving a sense of inspiration to focus on the goal. Moreover, it is a social issue in many countries that women do not get many opportunities. Furthermore, it focuses on the aspiring sports person, awaking their creative faculty to perceive themselves in a fit body playing games there as a player. It leads to the establishment of a positive reputation for the brand in the audience mind.


This idea about keeping your customers updated about the products is very important because the customer requires the present scenario of your products to decide whether to buy or not for ensuring that they are not wasting money over anything useless. The updated content can be somewhat reliable for customers. For example, people can only notice the changes in your personality when you have met them in recent times and this applies to the same for business so, keep informing about your products by regularly updating.


The aim of this secret is to win the trust of customers by realizing them that you care about them with the help of RESPONSE STRATEGIES. Strategies like appreciating the positive response of customer by writing them ‘Thank you’ and appreciate the negative response of customer for sharing their experience. Moreover, explain or solve the problem. The positive aspect of knowing the fault, you can understand what a customer wants and also it makes you recovering the fault. Take the negative feedback positively because it is good for your own. And the side-effects of not replying to the customers can make them use social media to put your company in a negative light and it might lead to the loss of potential customers. Buyers first go through the reviews of products and they decide whether they want to do business with you based on the online reviews.

As Ray Kroc said, “if you just work for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours”. So, the main concern is to reflect on the needs of the customers and be active on the platforms where customers give their feedback. Also, you can involve the idea of surveying about what people think about your products, it will give you the idea of what customer likes or dislikes in your product. Further, use social media platforms to promote the product and also to have access about what customer demands or expects in a product so you can bring changes in your products.

For example, Zivame ads called ‘Zivame- Pair It Right’ talks about the requirement of ladies for different types of bra for different clothing. And another one called ‘Zivame- Salesman’ directly focuses on the women’s hesitation or awkwardness while buying bras. Using sentences like ‘shopkeepers get judgemental over the women’s demands for push-up or sexy bra’. The targeted audience can relate to these situations, and all these wordings might make remember their experiences, so it develops the positive image of the company.

4. USER-GENERATED CONTENT (or say Unpaid Advertisement)                  

You only have to create a campaign promoting your product and encourages the users to participate in the campaign by stating the prizes for winners. You can promote your campaign for the product over social media and the customers advertise your product is free so, you don’t have to pay for the advertisement of your product. For example, A campaign launched by Weight Watchers on twitter and facebook and their hashtag are #SimpleStart.  They asked the audience to share their achievements, tips, and recipes. So, this campaign keeps the audience inspire to achieve their goals and share their small achievements and experiences. They feel that they are not alone, everyone is fighting for the same goal and it creates a sense of community in them.

Reading the responses of users incites the potential customer to do business with you. The customers trust the information shown over social media for the products used by the customers rather than company biased advertisement.


It is similar to the first idea which is about creating social issue ads. For example, Dove campaign ‘Real Beauty’ tells that every body shape is beautiful in its own way. It has been focused on to increase the self-esteem of girls by embracing every body shape and taking pride in their own body and face. It says that no one is ugly, everyone is beautiful. This campaign is related to the present situation and it inspires the girl to be more confident about her own body. The idea presented in the campaign gives a positive reputation to the brand. For successful promotion of your products, you can take the help of or make a deal with social media influencer.


Advertise your product through reputed websites. For example, you can ask a reviewer who gives reviews on his website for beauty products, so he would also give an authentic review for your product. You can also create a PR team to handle all the conversations and feedback of customers as mentioned in the third idea Response Strategy. They would deal with all the negative feedback and would also improve your brand image. This team is responsible to handle the crisis and on the other side, they also develop a campaign strategy and promote it to encourage participants to take part in it. The important aspect of this is to plan interviews of company manager or developer of an app to improve or build a reputation of the brand or an organization. It also helps in building or the positive reputation of the brand or an organization.


The concept of this marketing is to do what you say while promoting your brand and “authentic marketing is about not pretending” – George Kao. The authentic marketing is to care about the customer’s needs and “putting them first”. You have to be genuine about what you present through the advertisements, the wrong claims can make you profit for short-term but not for long-term, and it also leads to the loss of the brand image of your product and gives you a fraud or negative reputation. The goal must be earning customer trust for a long time. It must be what customer think after buying your product and can they really relate the service of your products with the words you have told them and ask them to give feedback about your product or keep yourself active to know what they think about your services. We can sum up this concept into these words ‘follow your words’ or ‘put words into action’. It results in your success that customers are ready to do business with you for a long time. Some organizations do not come to customer expectations after what they have promised. For instance, showing the customer delivery time or pick-up time so early for luring them to use your service and the customer trusts and later, they realize that you have cheated with them after seeing the time has extended further and nowadays, customer is not passive, they are so active and it will result in establishing the negative reputation of your brand. They will show their anger on social media to bring down the image of your product.

8. SEO- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION                                                              

It is to see the position of your brand or your company on Google. For example, when a person searches for your product and reads negative articles or feedbacks about it, so it would change their mind about doing business with you. For keeping the first pages positive about your product on Google, you will have to be aware of what people say about your products and also use reputed websites and social media at the best for sharing positive review or content about your product and it would result in, all negative articles or reviews would be found at the last pages.  

For building a positive reputation or removing all the negatives would need you to put efforts consciously. The first thing is you have to start your journey with authentic-attitude and then further, you will have to take account of all strategies like PR, Response, User- Generated Content which helps you to build a positive reputation with the audience. Your business must be based on the ethics and values and you can do surveys, search on social media for knowing what customer likes or dislikes in your products as It is your motive to fulfill the needs of people and keep them happy. You can taste the success only when you make your customers happy and fulfill their needs.

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